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Volleyball is one of the team sports played at the Olympics. The game consists of two teams, each with 6 players. The teams are divided by a net, where the teams attempt to make a ball hit the ground in the area of the opposing team. Several rules apply and the game can be played indoors as well as outdoors. The game spawned many versions, of which the most well known version would be beach volleyball.

The exact rules are extensive, but basic rules are fairly simple to master. A member of one of the teams starts off the game by tossing the ball from behind the line or net towards the opponent’s team, who in turn have the opportunity to either bounce it back, or pass it to another member of the team. Should the ball hit the ground, the team loses that ball and the winner is rewarded with one point. When the match is over, the team with the most points wins.

There are two ways to lose the game: If the ball hits the ground in the area designated to the other team, or when the other team faults. A fault can be reached by serving the ball to a team member more than three times, catching the ball, throwing the ball and by hitting the ball twice by the same player.

Volleyball in Spain

In Spain the game is played in 2 divisions of the Spanish league for volleyball. Premium clubs play in the Superliga. In both divisions, teams play the others on two occasions: Once at their own court, and once on the opposing team's court.

The Spanish teams also play on a European level under the Confédération Européenne de Volleyball, which is the regulating body for the sport in Europe. The most important competitions are: The Champions League for Men as well as The Champions League for Women. There is also a national competition that is organized every year, for which the teams compete, called Copa del Rey de Voleibol for men and Copa de la Reina de Voleibol for women. The team that wins the Superliga, has to compete against the winner of the Copa del Rey, in the Super cup called Supercopa de España de Voleibol.

Spain's national team is made up from the Spanish men's national volleyball team, who were the winners of the European Cup in 2007, which is their highest achievement to date throughout the history of the team.

Volleyball history

Volleyball dates back as far as 1895, where William G. Morgan invented a new game he called Mintonette, to be played as an indoors pastime by several players, using features from tennis and handball for inspiration. After seeing the game being played at a school one year later by Alfred Halstead, the game quickly became well known as volleyball.  William G. Morgan was responsible for the first rules of the game, which were altered only slightly over time, and the game gradually transformed into the version we know today.

The first occurrence of Volleyball played as an Olympic sport dates back to the summer games in Paris of 1924, where the game was played as a demonstration sport. It became an official Olympic sport in 1957, and the first official Olympic match of Volleyball was held in 1964.
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