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Catalonia Sports Tourism
Rural Pyrenees Guide is a very useful resource for sports tourism in Catalonia. They bring you all the information on sporting activities such as golf, water sports, skiing, mountain climbing and much more. Take a look at thier website and see for yourself all the wonderful sporting activities that are available to tourists.
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Sports Hotels
When looking for somewhere to stay in Catalonia why not consider treating yourself and your family to a stay in one of the many exclusive sports hotels in the region. Take a look at the Escapio website and see the reviews, listings and prices of the unique hotels that are available in Catalonia.
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Mundo Deportivo
Mundo Deportivo is the number one selling newspaper in Catalonia for sports news. It is soley dedicated to sports in Spain covering all the major sports including football, motor racing, athletics, basketball, golf and many more.
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Activities In Catalonia
If you are travelling to any region in Catelonia whether for a sporting event, or sporting holiday, you are certainly going to want to spend some time away from the sporting activities and explore the region and see what else there is worth seeing or visiting. Go to the Trip Advisor website and you will find all that information with ease.
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Adventure Sports In Catalonia
If you would like an adventurous sporting holiday in Catalonia take a look at this site here which offers villas and apartments and BB which are all close to a host of sporting facilities where you can play golf, scuba dive, sea kayaking, rafting, skiing and much more.
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Sport In Catalonia
If you are thinking about travelling to Catalonia in Spain because of the great sporting activities that are available in this region you may want to check out this website as it offers an appartment in Catalonia which you can rent and the website has a list of great sporting resources which are all nearby to the apartment.
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Sporting Jobs
If you are in training in the sports industry and hoping to work in the industry or are already doing so and maybe looking for a move in your career, take a look at the tiptopjob website. Here you will find any current vacancies available within the sporting industry in Catalonia. You can even search by county within Catalonia in places like Barcelona and Tarragona.
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Barcelona Online
Welcome to Barcelona Online, a newspaper in Catalonia which has an array of sections dedicated to sports, current news, accommodation, education, history of Barcelona, transport, trade fairs, tourist guides, what's on and what to see. There's also a section for classifieds which list advertisements and so on.

Last 7 Days!
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Sports Tours
Sports Tours in Salou situated close to Barcelona is a very popular destination to showcase a football tour. You can watch live shows when you are done relaxing at the beach or take a tour of one of the biggest stadiums, Camp Nou, in Europe. Most clubs play friendly matches at Salou, also several tournaments and 5 day international tournament with teams from all parts of Europe.
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Global Sports Forum
The Global Sports Forum, Barcelona is dedicated to sports and sporting events in Barcelona, Spain. The sports forum focused much of its energy and resources on the London Olympics 2012, remembering Barcelona Olympics 1992. Sign up for the newsletter and receive the latest news and updates on Barcelona sports as and when it happens!
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Catalonia Sports
Catalonia Sports features a wealth of information on sporting events in Catalonia. Barcelona is famous for its football and this site delves deep into the rich culture of sports in the country. The site features facts, figures and statistics of sporting events, matches, competitions and so on. Subscribe to the newsletter to keep abreast of the latest sporting events in Catalonia.
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Catalans Dragons
Catalans Dragons a rugby league is part of the Catalan culture. The glory days in the 40s and 50s have risen into the present days which have become a reality due to hundreds of players and officials working together. The French national team has been supplied many rugby players from the Catalans Dragons. And in Europe, the only French team are the Catalans.
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Paddle In Spain
Paddle in Spain is when water becomes a leisure. Visitors choose where they want to be. There are breathtaking places and exciting ways to enjoy leisure, nature's marvel and all types of adventure activities. You can travel to any destination of your choice within Spain and indulge in top paddle activities like kayak and snorkeling, dog sledding, hiking tours, white water rafting and hot air balloon flights.
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Spain Taste
Spain Taste offers tourists and visitors cooking holidays which will delight you with top chefs, great food, delicious wine, fabulous company and luxury accommodation. Experience the real cuisine of the Spanish with excellent guides that will show you beautiful places in Spain and help you understand the history of food. Spain Taste organizes cookery tours to various areas in the country.
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Barcelona Football Festival
Barcelona Football Festival will be held in Santa Susanna on 24th April and 1st May 2014, and is an international youth football festival. Young boys from around the world gather at the festival where a high quality football tournament is provided filled with unforgettable fun and adventure on and off the field. There will be 2 days of matches, fantastic sunny weather, water fun at Water World and wonderful beaches.
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Forum Footbball
Forum Football is a great message board which welcomes football players, fans and enthusiasts. The forum contains topics on premier league news, premier league fixtures, championship news and more. Also heavily discussed on Forum Football is Spanish soccer, the Spanish premier league and other Spanish championship news. Join the forum today, it is 100% free.
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Football Espana
Football Espana is an online resource containing football news in Catalonia. The latest sports news, facts, history, scores, records it is all here. Profile of footballers, live updates of matches and videos featuring the latest football news is updated regularly on Football Espana. This site is suitable for football fans and enthusiasts to keep abreast of happenings in the football world.
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Charming Villas
If you are about to plan your holiday to Catalonia, you will obviously need accommodation upon your arrival. Hence, Charming Villas is a must see website and functions as an intermediary between owners who wish to give their properties on rent and travelers looking for accommodation. The website will answer any questions posed by the travelers, the advice will be impartial thereby, breaking language barriers you might otherwise have.
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Catalonia Visitor
Catalonia Visitor is an exclusive guide to find the best travel information and resources to plan your trip to Spain. There are several links which allows visitors to access insight information before making their travel plans. Some of the information featured on the site include regions of Spain, Catalonia sports and activities, FC Barcelona club profile and history, sports in Spain and planning your journey.
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Catalan News Agency
The Catalan News Agency is a newspaper dedicated to Catalan sports. It is one of the first digital newspapers operating since 1999 that was created in Europe. The Agency currently has 75 employees in its fold, with Barcelona being its headquarters. Sports news is provided via text messages, photographs, videos and SMS alerts. You can subscribe to part of this service or to all of it. Informative content is sent out to subscribers in their preferred language.
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Spanish Sports
At this website you can find lots of very useful information on the most popular Spanish sports such as bull fighting, golf, horses, skiing, watersports and more. You can even look in the different regions of Spain and find a directory of all the clubs and organisations that offer these sports within the Spanish regions.
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Get Your Guide
Get Your Guide is an online tours and activities site which concentrates on Catalonia outdoor sports. Get your Catalonia tours, excursions and activities through Get Your Guide. A booking website which promotes tours and activities, get ready for your next adventure or holiday getaway by booking tours and excursions in advance. Get Your Guide makes it easy for visitors to book their tours by providing instant availability and pricing!
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Barcelona Travel Guide
If you are a sports fan of Catalonia sports, there's no place to visit than the Barcelona Travel Guide! The goal of this travel guide is to make visiting the city an even better experience than you ever thought it would be. The guide is filled with useful and helpful information for travelers looking to traverse through Spain and need access to accommodation, transport and restaurants. Also the site contains a travel blog and forum where you can ask questions related to your travel.
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Tennis Resort
The Catalonia Tennis Resort promotes the best of sporting games and entertainment in Spain. From football, padel, mountain biking and swimming the Tennis Resort features a range of sporting packages for sports fans and enthusiasts not only in the country, but also for those visiting Catalonia on a vacation getaway. Indulge in sports all day long at the Tennis Resort and enjoy the best of sports and entertainment that only Spain has to offer!
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Time Out Barcelona
Time Out Barcelona features festivals and events in the city from cyber cultures to Catalan pageants, the calender is filled with a variety of exciting events. For travelers looking to visit the great regions of Spain can browse through the events calender to see the latest events taking place. Engage in the endless enthusiasm of sports festivals, parties, fireworks, street fairs, religious events, old fashioned pageants and traditional parades. Enjoy the wide array of unique celebrations in Catalonia!
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Sports And Leisure
Sports and Leisure is your #1 local tour agent in Barcelona! If you are planning a vacation to Spain and would like to see sporting events and other attractions in Barcelona, Sports and Leisure will get you there! The local agent will make arrangements as you plan your trip to Spain, which includes accommodation, reservations for museums and restaurants, coach transfers and math tickets to watch F Barcelona play!
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Viator - Barcelona
For tours, sightseeing and things to do in Barcelona, visit the Viator! The site features sporting events, shows and concerts for travelers to see when holidaying in Barcelona. Check out the deals and attractions in the city when planning your next holiday to Spain! Viator ensures an unforgettable experience in an unforgettable city!
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Barcelona Life
Barcelona Life features information on Barcelona sports bars and pubs and where to watch live sports action in the city! Check out the wealth of information provided on Barcelona Life for travelers that have just touched down and want to take advantage of the fabulous weather. What better way to spend it than indulge oneself in a great sporting event!
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Barcelona Sports 2012
Welcome to the Barcelona Sports Film 2012! This is the third time in a row, Barcelona is hosting an international sports film festival. Enjoy four days dedicated to the most amusing and thrilling films covering all aspects of sporting events. Considered more than just a festival, you can enjoy an assortment of activities and exhibitions, making the film festival a major sports event in 2012!
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Catalonia Sports Facebook
Welcome to the Catalonia Sports Facebook page. If you are a fan of sports in Catalonia, join the Facebook page and mingle with other like-minded sporting enthusiasts. Become a follower and share your passion of sports on Catalonia Sports Facebook!
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Villa Leisure
Visit Villa Leisure before you plan your trip to Catalonia and Easter Spain. Find beach activities, golf and other sporting events to participate in on your travels in Catalonia. Villa Leisure is your online guide to beaches, golf courses, restaurants, casinos, bars, holiday resorts and so much more in this beautiful city!
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Spanish Football & Sports
Keep yourself up to date with whats going on in the world of Spanish football and other popular sports in Spain. This site features a lot of very interesting sports articles and being a blog you can sign up and leave your own comments and voice your opinions to others.
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