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Most people from around the world enjoy playing sports games as a means of relaxation and recreation. Here at the Sports Catalina website we have compiled a selection of competitive sports games that are very enjoyable to play for our visitors. Among the list of games our site offers you are the couple described below.

Gr8 Racing is the perfect racing game that you can play on your computer in your browser thanks to Sports Catalina. With high quality graphics, the Gr8 racing game gives you an opportunity to control the fastest cars and drive at the speeds of your dreams that even real drivers would not dare. Winning is in your hands literally as you control the car using your keyboard. The more times you win the higher the level you move onto. Losing and reckless driving will bring the game to an end a lot sooner.

The sound effects of the game are very realistic making it more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Buckle up your seat belts and safety gear and begin the race.

One of the greatest footballers of all time, David Beckham, is also giving football diehards a chance to train with him in the fun game Beckham Fit. This is where Beckham’s fitness is the key to success. The animated Beckham performs his training moves which you can imitate so get your shorts on and grab your boots for a quick training session with David Beckham.
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