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Sports in Catalonia

Sport has played an important role in Catalan life from the early 20th century. The main sports in the country are football, handball, basketball, ice-rink hockey, motorsport and tennis. Catalonia embraced their passion for sports in 1992 when the Summer Olympics were held in Barcelona. The Sports Federations of Catalan have many traditions, while a few of them participated as founders of International Sports Federations. For instance, the Catalan Rugby Federation was one of the founders in 1934 of the FIRA. Catalonia has national teams participating in European and world championships as Catalonia. However, most of the national teams compete as Spanish teams.

Another officially recognized Catalonia national team is Korfball. Catalonia has played korfball since 1982, which is managed by the Korfball Federation of Catalonia. The International Korfball Federation in 1997 admitted the Korfball Federation of Catalonia as a provincial member, later granting them full membership in 2006.

Football is one of the most well liked and important sports in Catalonia. A group of British immigrant workers, students and visiting sailors returning from Britain in the mid 19th century, introduced football to them, which has become a household passion for the Catalonians. Catalonians also love water sports, volleyball, skiing, roller hockey, rhythmic gymnastics, golf and basketball. To get hands on experience of the passion of Catalonians and their sporting adventures, Sports of Catalonia is the best place to be at. 
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