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Most of the Sports Federations in Catalonia have a rich history and tradition where several were actively involved in International Sports Federations, like the Catalonian Rugby Federation, that served as one of the founders of the FIRA back in 1934.

Several Catalonian teams competing on an international level are officially recognized, but mostly they are competing on a national level.

Students and British immigrants introduced Football to Catalonia in the 19th century which has evolved into what is generally considered to be the most important sport in Catalonia. Catalonia has produced several Football clubs like Palamós Football Club, Català SC and Barcelona.

Palamós was formed in 1898 and was the first Catalonian football club followed by Català SC and Barcelona which both followed one year later. It did not take long until there were enough clubs to create a league and in 1900 the first cup called Copa Macaya was offered by Alfons Macaya who was president at the time. Over time this progressed into the national championships of Catalonia. The championship was held until 1940 when it was discontinued, while the nation was under the dictatorship of Franco.  Original clubs that were included are: FC Barcelona, Sociedad Española de Football, Català SC and Hispania AC.

After democracy was once again restored in Spain a new competition was created called The Copa Generalitat in 1984.
At first the RFEF refused to certify it and only minor league national teams entered, but in 1990 the competition was officially recognized and gained prestige due to the top Catalonian clubs entering in the competition. After 3 years the competition went through a name change and was turned into the Copa Catalunya. After this the competition has slowly become less and less important. Strong teams rarely enter in this competition anymore.

Today, Catalonian clubs are competing under the Catalonia Football Federation umbrella, the same Federation that was founded in 1903. The teams compete in several national and international competitions like: La Liga which was founded in 1928, Copa del rey, and the UEFA Champions League.

FC Barcelona is the most important club that has brought home several victories like the UEFA Cup and the European Champions league. RCD Espanyol is the second team of Catalonia. Both clubs also compete in La Liga along with 7 other national teams in the “Primera Division”

The first international game of Football ever played was against France in 1912